Candle Care


Where the candle is left with a hole down the centre. This happens when the candle has not been left to burn for long enough.

Solution – burning the candle for longer on the first burn – 45 mins for small candles, 90 mins for large candles – creates a consistent burning pattern. You want the entire top layer of wax to liquefy. Subsequent burns should then follow this pattern

Keep a trimmed wick

Keep the wick trimmed to roughly 3-5mm. We suggest trimming the wick every couple of hours on a small candle, about 4 hours on large candles.

If the candle starts to smoke within this time period snuff out the flame, wait for candle to cool and harden, trim the wick and relight.

2cm left? Time to think about a new candle

It had a good life and the scented the room for many hours. Now there is only 2cm (or less) wax remaining. If you continue to burn the candle there is a possibility of damage to the container or surface underneath.

Keep the fragrance fresh

Be sure to secure the lid on! It keeps the fragrance fresh till next time. Just be sure to put out the candle correctly by snuffing it out before hand.

Keeping the candle looking pretty

Avoid keeping the candle in environment with temperature extremes. Keep candles away from windows in the winter and avoid direct sunlight in the sunnier months.

That way the candles should keep their pretty aesthetics.

Fragrance isn’t strong enough!? Or its too strong?

Make sure the candle is the correct size for the room. The scent comes from the wax pool. If the scent is too strong try the candle is a larger room. Likewise if its not strong enough try it in a smaller room.

Obviously do not use in a breezy room as the scent will be blown out the window, plus it won’t burn correctly.

Wax melts

Try a mix and match – Bolsius wax melts can each be broken into 6 segments. Using 3-5 wax melts (18-30) segments create an aroma with your personal touch lasting +/- 25 hours. 3 melts will give a subtle fragrance, 5 for a strong fragrance.

With a numerous wax melt fragrances available the combinations are endless! 🙂

We suggest only using 4 hours burning candles. That was it prevents the burner overheating and avoids potential accidents.

Do not add water or fragranced oil to the wax melt infusion – it avoids splatter.

Tea lights

Make sure you only light you tealights in a suitable burner or on a heat resistant surface. These little beauty’s can get quite warm on the base.

Try a mix and match using a different scented tealights and wax melts. You can mix fragrances to create a wonderful combined scent.

General & Safety
  • Never leave a lit candle unattended
  • Keep candles out of reach of children and pets
  • Keep lit candles away from anything flamable
  • Always use a heat resistant coaster/holder
  • Keep debris out of any wax pool
  • Do not move a burning candle
  • Do not put out flames with water or any other liquid
  • Do not burn a candle to the base as burning accidents can happen
  • Do not put burning candles too close together. A minimum of 10cm apart is recommended.
  • The correct way to put out a candle is to snuff it out – blowing a candle out can create excess smoke and the chance of wax spitting up.
  • Wait till the unlit candle has cooled before picking it up. Glass jars and tins can get hot after use.